A Comprehensive List of Interesting Kitten Facts

We all know that kittens are cute, small, furry, and cuddly, but this little creature actually is more involved so we wanted to provide some interesting kitten facts.  As you begin to study kittens, you will likely be amazed at how complex this little creature actually is.  Below, we have listed some of the more fascinating kitten facts, some that you may have never known before.

  • One of the more important kitten facts, which would also be for cats, is that pregnant women should never clean out the litter box.  The reason is that the feces could contain the Toxoplasma organism in one of three stages.  Regardless, if a pregnant woman were to touch infected feces containing this organism accidentally, it could lead to illness in the mother and deformities or worse in the baby.  In fact, some pregnant women will avoid touching a kitten or cat at all.  However, washing the hands with an antibacterial soap would greatly reduce risk.
  • More than 50% of all kitten and cat bites to humans will lead to infection, usually from the Pasteurella Multocida bacteria.
  • Another important one of the kitten facts we wanted to mention is that “Cat Scratch Fever”, which is a disease resulting from a kitten or cat scratch with a specific infection is the most common cause of chronic lymph node swelling in young children.
  • The Center for Disease Control commonly releases kitten facts for the safety of children.  For instance, all children but particularly those under the age of nine are vulnerable to infection when bitten or scratched around the neck or face if the kitten is infected with the Bartonella Henselae organisms.  Therefore, parents should make sure children immediately wash scratches or bites with antibacterial soap and for more serious bites/scratches, the child should be seen by a doctor.

Now, along with some of the more serious kitten facts, we wanted to provide some that are intriguing and even fun to include those listed below:

  • Although not understood why, kittens seem to prefer the company of women more than menApproximately 100 different breeds of kittens exist
  • While a cat kept inside can live as long as 15 to 17 years, those living outside only have an expected life span of three
  • One of the interesting kitten facts is that this animal actually has three eyelids, as do birds.
  • The standard household cat at maturity can run up to 30 miles per hour
  • Another of the important kitten facts is that because cats can have as many as five liters of kittens each year, having the female spayed and male neutered is essential when owning this pet
  • If you were to illuminate kitten or cat urine in the dark with a black light, you would see it glows
  • Numerous kitten facts have been released regarding why kittens and cats purr, but the truth is that the purr is performed at 26 cycles every second, which is the same rate at which a diesel engine idles.  Additionally, kitten and cats purr while breathing in and breathing out.
  • While many people own extremely large cats, the world’s record is a whopping 46 pounds!
  • Another of our interesting kitten facts is that while most people think this animal drinks by slurping water up with the tongue, they actually drink by scooping the water up backwards with the tongue.
  • Typically, if a kitten or cat is completely white and with blue eyes, it means the animal is deaf or at least has diminished hearing
  • Calico kittens and cats, which includes fur of white, red, orange, and black, as well as red or orange with black is only found on females
  • The last of the kitten facts we wanted to mention is that when you see a cat opening its mouth when faced with a strange or strong odor, it is because they are using a special scent organ found on the roof of the mouth.


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