Breast Milk Feeding – Your Child’s Best Friend

Today’s mothers want to replace breast milk feeding by formula milk due to lack of knowledge, which deprives the baby from nutrients present only in mother milk. Breast milk provides an excellent source of nutrition and is easily digested by the baby. It is noteworthy for expectant parents why breast milk feeding is advised to mothers by doctors and nutritionist.

For a new born baby, breast feeding diet is wholesome as it gives complete nutrition to the baby. Human milk is composed of fat, carbohydrate mainly lactose, protein, and minerals. Breast produces thin yellowish fluid called colostrum immediately after the delivery for 3-4 days hence the new born baby should start breastfeeding within the first hour of mortal life. The colostrum is very rich in protein, antibodies and immunoglobulin IgA which provides immunity to the baby. Babies should be breast fed solely for the first 6 months till 12 months.

There are many advantages of breast milk feeding as it protects the child against many diseases like gastro intestinal disorders, infections, allergies and reduces the risk of anemia, vitamin E deficiency, and tooth caries. It also strengthens the bond between mother and child which is emotionally beneficial to both. Children who have breastfeeding diet have lesser chances of obesity and are slightly highly intellectual than children who have been fed by formula milk.

start breastfeeding

Breast milk feeding is not only beneficial to the child but mother too. Medical reports have shown that breast feeding mother, have lower chances of type A diabetes, and lower risk of ovarian, cervical and breast cancer. It also helps to lose calories and reduces the uterus size and return to the pre-pregnancy size and weight.

Studies have shown that at present around 9 million babies die annually. Breast feeding saves approximately 6 million additional deaths mainly from infectious disease. Breast feeding diet is one of the most cost effective, natural, and inexhaustible and a convenient and healthy source of food to infants. Mother’s milk can be a boon to the baby as it can prevent the child from many diseases and leads the child to a happy and healthy present and future. So, start breastfeeding your baby today!

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