can cats eat raw eggs? İs it safe

can cats eat raw eggs? Basically, it’s a good idea to give your cats some variety in their diets, not just relying on ready-made boxes. We humans also find it difficult to eat canned food for months. A cat needs a large amount of high quality protein (although it is not a strong athlete).

On the one hand, there is of course the possibility to provide this protein by feeding different types of meat. On the other hand, this can also be obtained from raw eggs.

Raw eggs for cats – egg white or egg yolk?

Although we are not chemists, it is important to clarify a myth about the raw egg issue for cats and dig a little deeper. The protein contains avidin that reacts to the body’s own vitamin biotin, binding it, which can lead to deficiency symptoms. On the other hand, an egg yolk contains so much biotin that this reaction is overcompensated.

Feeding a whole, raw egg is therefore not a problem in this focus, but you should always only feed the whole egg and avoid pure protein as a nutrient. If you want to be on the safe side, separate the egg whites and yolks before feeding – but this is not strictly necessary.

How big is the danger of Salmonella?

Raw eggs and raw poultry meat are often at risk of being infected with salmonella. Therefore, make sure your cats eat raw eggs as fresh as possible. Of course, raw eggs can also be boiled if you have any concerns and only then can they be placed in the bait bowl.

Nutrition tip: Give your cat no more than one raw egg per week. This is absolutely sufficient; more frequent feeding can lead to an overdose.

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