Feeding the Kitten

If you are taking care of a kitten, you have to know the foods that they should eat. Kittens need the proper nutrition so that they would grow healthy. If you do not know how to feed the kitten properly, then here is a guide.

Kittens have smaller mouth, teeth and stomachs that limits the amount of food that they can eat. But they need much protein daily. What you can do then is to get them to eat three to four meals a day. Also, the food they eat should be packed with highly digestive protein. Fresh water should always be available.

easiest kitten feeding

Protein provides amino acids that helps in tissue growth and provides energy. Protein can be found in meat.

Aside from protein, kittens need other nutrients that can help in the healthy growth of the kitten. One of them is taurine.

Taurine is an amino acid that is essential in maintaining the cat’s heart function and healthy eye vision. Reproduction, fetal growth and development also benefits from taurine. Chicken and fish contains much taurine.

Essential vitamins and minerals are needed by the kitten in order to strengthen their immune system. This will keep them healthy during their critical stage of growth.

A good fiber source is also needed to maintain the kitten’s digestive system. With a good fiber source, the kitten will have less litter box waste and have a better odor.

There are some foods that kittens should not consume. This includes cow’s milk. The cow’s milk would be difficult to digest for the kitten and might lead to diarrhea. Chocolates might also prove dangerous to kittens, and other pets. Tuna that is high in phosphorus and low on calcium might lead to rubber jaw which is a form of osteoporosis.

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