Five Tips to keep your Kitten Grounded

Kittens and other feline species loves to see the world from atop. So when your kitten is loose, they would love to climb up to the highest places that they can get. Unfortunately, that might lead to serious problems such as breaking stuff at your home. You do not want to have your stuff broken by your kitten, so what you need to do is to keep your kitten on the ground. This could be a difficult task, but as soon as it works, you will see that the effort really pays off.

One tip is to remove the kitten’s launch pad. If your kitten is able to reach your bookcase, or other high places because there is a nearby chair (in this case, its the kitten’s launchpad) on which it can climb on, move the chair to another place so that the kitten would no longer be able to jump on it.

keep your Kitten Grounded

If you have drapes on your home, then put doorknob alarms on it. The alarm will sound if your kitten tries to use the drapes as a ladder to get to higher places. Soon, your kitten would no longer want to climb on the drapes.

It is also a good idea to put obstacles in the kitten’s path. If it often goes to go to higher places, block its path so that they wouldn’t be able to get there.

Another way is to distract your cat. You can put solid places to land with a freestanding cat perch. Kittens wouldn’t like the feel of a solid landing, so they would stop climbing to such places when they land on solid places. You can also try putting up a window perch. The window perch will give your kittens hours of entertainment.

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