Full grown pomsky

Pomskies usually have a lot of energy and are extremely volatile, so they need the right fuel to keep them going! But even though these are traits they got from their Husky ancestors, it doesn’t mean they should eat the same food: you should always keep in mind that they come in a smaller package and will have different diets. both are more important than their ancestral breeds. A high quality dry match should be provided that can meet all dietary needs, and one of the deciding factors will be your dog’s size. The Pomsky has 3 different sizes: the toy Pomsky (5 to 9 lbs), the mini Pomsky (9 to 18 lbs) and the standard full grown Pomsky 18-25 lbs . If you’re not sure which kibble or diet brand is the best choice for your dog, consult your veterinarian.


Pomsky characteristics

While the pomeranian forms a close bond with his caregiver, this is not the case with a husky. The sled dogs are used to working with different people. It is unpredictable which characteristics a Pomsky will bring. The extent to which the Pomsky brought the hunting instinct and the urge for freedom of his great ancestors from the north cannot be foreseen. Pomsky friends describe their four-legged friends as adaptable and people-oriented. But the combination of two different breeds does not automatically lead to the best possible result. That is why a Pomsky is often a surprise package. As a rule, Pomsky’s conspecifics are positive, because both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian appreciate other dogs. They may hunt and bark and tend to be skeptical of young children. Take your Pomsky puppy to a puppy school to encourage socialization.


First of all, it should be said: As a rule, nature does not allow a “Pomsky”. The dwarf Spitz in and of itself is difficult to breed and the breed is not considered robust. In addition: The size differences between the breeds are so great that a mating would rarely work. Pomskys are therefore created through artificial insemination. The breeders use the seeds of dwarf tips, the mother animal is always a Siberian Husky. Otherwise, a Pomeranian would have to give birth to puppies that are too big for their small bodies.


Both parent races have a predisposition to eye diseases. Allergy and coat problems can also occur more frequently. Siberian huskies should only be bred with healthy hips. In addition, both parent animals should be examined for patellar luxation in order to rule out this joint disease in the offspring. Neither husky nor pomeranian are great friends of summer heat. A lot of heat can quickly build up under the Pomsky’s thick fur. Relocate summer excursions to the cool morning or evening hours and make sure that your four-legged friend has a shady spot. These dogs are not suitable for living in southern countries or in overheated attic apartments. With good care, the dogs can live up to 14 years.


The right food for your Pomsky

Whether small or large: every dog ​​appreciates a meat-rich meal in its bowl. His health also benefits from a high meat content. So make sure that meat comes first in the declaration of the feed – regardless of whether you are feeding wet or dry feed. Small breed puppies – and that includes a young Pomsky with a high probability – need puppy food with small croquettes. You should also pay attention to the right size for dry food later on.


Follow the manufacturer’s feeding recommendations and include the treats in the daily ration. In particular, if you exercise a lot with your dog and use food as an incentive, it is advisable to use dry food kibble as a reward. In this way, your four-legged friend works out its food without putting too much strain on the calorie account. Small bones made of beef skin or dried rumen pieces are ideal as chews, but you should only serve them under supervision. Make sure that your Pomsky always has access to fresh drinking water. In summer, it is best to always carry a water bottle with a travel bowl for your four-legged friend with you when going on longer trips.

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