How to bathe a cat at home

While cats do groom themselves, it is still important to know how to bathe a cat. After all, you never know when your cat may get dirtier than normal, find its way into something harmful or get fleas. At these times you will need some patience and tips to help you give your cat a bath.

Start by gathering together your supplies. You will need two towels, some cotton balls, cat shampoo and a plastic cup. Take these items into an enclosed area such as a small bathroom. This will make it easier to recapture your cat if he should happen to escape during bath time. Since your cat may decide to escape, you may want to clip his claws before moving on in how to bathe a cat so that you will not be scratched all up.

Once you have your supplies together it is time to learn how to bathe a cat. You will want to fold a towel and place it on the bottom of a bathtub before filling it with a few inches of warm water. Place a cotton ball in each of your cat’s ears now too so that they will not get water inside of them as you bathe your cat. This is important because whenever your cat’s ears get wet they become more prone to infection.

Place your cat into the tub on top of the folded towel. Lather him up with cat shampoo and warm water. Make sure to really work the shampoo into his hair, which can be quite oily, making it difficult to wash. Thoroughly rinse your cat off by pouring cups of warm water over his whole body. An important tip to mention whenever explaining how to bathe a cat is that you should never use a sprayer for this process, as it will freak your cat out making him struggle more than necessary. It is also important to ensure that all of the shampoo is out of your cat’s hair so that he doesn’t accidentally swallow some whenever he is cleaning himself later.

In order to dry your cat you will need to first work your hands down his body and squeeze out any excess water. You can then use a towel to finish drying his fur. If your cat will let you, this process can be finished off with a hair dryer.

Now that you know how to bathe a cat it is simply a matter of finding the patience and energy to do so. While this process may not seem too difficult, you never know how your cat will react when the time comes. Keep in mind that most cats detest water and thus you will need to be soothing to your cat as you quickly move through the bathing process.

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