How to Handle Kittens

Kittens are very delicate pets that should be loved tenderly. Anyone will find kittens cute, and might get tempted to pick it up. But there are some problems that can arise by doing this. To avoid such problems from occurring, you must first know how to handle kittens.

Handling kittens basically requires common sense. You do the same thing when it comes to handling human babies: handle it with care.

While you may not notice it, you may cause serious threats to a kitten because of incorrect handling. To avoid this, you should pay close attention while handling the kitten.

It is easy to get tempted to handle a kitten because of its cuteness. It is also good to handle kittens because it helps in the kitten’s socialization with humans. But if you over handle the kitten, it will still lead to harm. Make sure to know the kitten’s age before handling it. Do not handle the kittens that are one to two weeks old because at this time, the kitten must be with its mother.

You might have observed that cats handle their kittens by simply picking it up by the scruff of its neck. But we should not do this to the kitten. Instead, you should place one of your hands around the kitten’s stomach and the other hand should be on its hind legs. This is the correct way to handle kittens.

Finally, make sure that everyone in your home knows how to handle kittens properly to avoi

d injuring the little kitten.

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