Is Kitten Adoption For You?

Kitten adoption is one of the sweet, simple pleasures of life.  There is nothing like returning home with a wriggling, furry new friend to love and take care of.  And as wonderful as adopting a kitten can be, it is the unfortunate truth that kitten adoption is not a good choice for everyone.

Some people have special considerations that do not coincide with raising newborn kittens.  To be sure that you and your lifestyle accommodate the needs of your new kitten, be sure to examine your situation in each of the following areas.


Unless you know someone who is offering newborn kittens for free, either from a classified ad or from a friend, there are going to be certain fees when you adopt a kitten.  In many cases, however, the adoption fee will include a certificate to get the kitten spayed or neutered, which usually cancels out the cost.

Of course, there is more that is necessary when you adopt new kittens.  Do you have a litter box?  What about cat litter?  Kitten food?  Grooming supplies?  If you are unable to provide for the kitten’s needs, you may want to reconsider.


New born kittens require a great deal of time and patience in order to raise properly.  If you have a difficult job where you are going to be away from home for long hours every day, leaving the new kitten alone, kitten adoption may not be the best choice for you.  You may instead want to consider getting an older cat that is able to be left alone for extended periods of time.

Kitten Adoption and the Home

Do you live in a rental or apartment?  If so, you are going to want to check with your landlord to make sure that you are allowed to have a pet, and also whether an additional pet deposit will be required.  Finding out for sure is imperative before you go adopt any kittens.zzc Family Life


How do the other people in your family feel about cats?  Are any of them allergic to them?  Kitten adoption can take on a particularly sour note when you discover that someone in the home either can’t stand cats or is terribly allergic to them.


If you have small children, they are going to need to be closely supervised when interacting with your new kitten.  Kittens, particularly newborn kittens, are extremely delicate, and a small child may accidentally injure one without meaning to.


There are other things to consider, of course, but it really all comes down to a single question that you need to ask yourself before any kitten adoption takes place.  Are you and your family ready and willing to give your new kitten the love, attention, and everything else it needs to grow up healthy and happy.  If you can’t answer that question with a yes, you may want to consider other options.

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