Kitten training-what to teach

If you are the proud owner of a new kitten, you may be thinking about all the fun you will have with your pet. Along with playing time, you’ll need to teach your kitty’s behavior either. Cats are best to train when they are young, so when you get a new kitten you start training it until late. The following list includes the major areas to cover in training your cat. any item that can be played with

What is the best age to train a cat?

Cats enjoy batting at objects, but you probably do not want him or hit him in your precious breakables. The best strategy is to keep these items in a locked, glass box. If not, you have to teach the animal a certain shelf and furniture items are prohibited. What is the best age to train a cat?   Encourage your cat to bat at toys, feathers, and other acceptable targets. It can be difficult to protect all your items from a cat, so you’ll have to keep them all in the case of a closed shaft. Unless your cat has enough own toys, this way your kitten will not touch other items.

Litter Box Training

This is a major task. You do not want your new pet to use your floors and especially carpet as a bathroom. Trust me, if your cat or kitten to make on your carpet, you can say goodbye to your carpet. Make sure your animals have easy access to the litter box every time. Fortunately, a lot of cats to train yourself to use the litter box because they are clean by nature

where Scratch

About scratching I wrote in another post, but must be repeated all the time. Scratching is a natural behavior kitty. While small claw kitten might not do much damage, be assured that adult cats are not trained. Offering scratching posts and other devices that your pet can use and immediately directs him to toy scratch if you look scratching occurred in places that are inappropriate.

Prohibited area

Cats love to climb that often causes them trouble. You might want to keep kitty from your kitchen table, counter and window coverings. Decided before bringing home your pet will be forbidden place so that you can start training immediately. For this you can use a water sprayer. As well as you may already cats are not from animals that love water. So the kitten you approach an area where you do not want kittens you’re in, just spray a little on your cat only. After several kittens you will understand that he is not allowed to go there.


Your new kitten might not have been exposed to a lot of people, children or other animals. You will need to teach him or kitty good manners to reduce the possibility of someone or other pets are injured.

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