No Bad Cats – Advice and Solutions for Behavior Problems

The cat is a creature of habit and learned behavior. Granted, certain situations may have affected your pets before you even welcomed them into your lives. There could have been abandonment, abuse (verbal and/or physical) newcomers, new surroundings, and other traumatic events. Trying to figure out what happened to your problem kitty will only stress you out, and your already confused new pet will pick up on it, not helping the situation. Instead, we will examine ways to calm and ease your newly acquired pet into a steady home situation. We will also examine situations where you have had the pet since a kitten, then something went wrong. What?

Cute behavior when they were young may not be so cute as an adult. (finger biting, begging for food etc) The things we let them get away with as kittens they will view as acceptable later on in life. The kitten has been “conditioned into a learned behavior”. Here we will post the most common problems, and the most likely root causes. Then we will examine methods of training and love to try and correct the problem behavior. This site was set up to examine behavior only, it is not a medical guide. If you suspect your pets behavior is from an illness, then take your furry friend to your vet ASAP.

We are here to offer possible solutions. I have found many other helpful articles and products that work. I have included thier websites under the “links” section. So take a deep breath, read on, and relax. Your kitty will sense this and do the same, which is half the battle. Cats know when you are trying too hard. The key to solving your problem is PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE, with a lot of love and understanding thrown in. I hope you find the Purrfect answer to your problem here!

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