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Do you know the Pomsky? This breed of dog from the cross between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian Dwarf has an adorable physique that is attracting more and more owners. It is true that with such a boil, it is difficult to resist …

Official name Pomsky
Origin England, USA
Group Not officially recognized: full grown pomsky ?
Size 30-50 cm
Weight 5-17 kg
Medium-long haired
Bicolor color (s). Husky colors: Black, white, gray, fawn, brown, fleur-de-lis, minnow eyes
Loyal, playful, intelligent, stubborn character
Stubborn Education – Dressage That Takes Time
Life expectancy 15 years
Health weaknesses Too little perspective on race

Pomsky identity card
What is the official name of Pomsky?
The official name of this breed of dog is “Pomsky”

What is its origin ?
Its development is mainly in England and the United States and invaded the sphere of social networks.

Which FCI group does it belong to?
The Pomsky is not officially recognized, either in France or by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale because the breed is still too recent.

What is the story of Pomsky?
The Pomsky comes from the cross between two breeds: the Siberian Husky and the dwarf Pomeranian, otherwise known as the Pomeranian Loulou, hence its name. Three varieties exist and correspond to the dosage of the crossing.

Thus, there is a Pomsky with 75% of dwarf Pomeranian, another 50% and the last 25%, and vice versa with the percentage of Husky in the cross.

How much does a Pomsky weigh?
The Pomsky is on average between 9 and 14 kg.

How big is a Pomsky?
The height at the withers can vary between 25 and 38 cm, knowing that in the same litter, the puppies can be different.

It should be noted that the physical characteristics of this new breed or this fashion effect do not yet constitute an official standard. Thus, many variants are possible since the breed is not yet fixed, being still too recent.

What is his hair type?
Its coat is generally medium-long.

What is her color ?
This small dog is generally two-colored. We can find the different colors of the Husky: black, white, gray, fawn or brown.

What is the character of Pomsky?
The race is not yet fixed, nor is its character. But it is a safe bet that crossing two rather primitive breeds generates a dog with a strong character.

If we combine the characteristics of the two breeds, we can easily guess that this miniature Husky will be a loyal but somewhat independent dog, playful, intelligent but not necessarily very docile.

How to educate a Pomsky?
Training this Husky-like Pomeranian dog (or vice versa) will not be an easy task given the character of its parents. Indeed, it is advisable to start education very early, as soon as the puppy arrives at your home.

If you wait, he might take on bad habits and rebalancing it could be difficult. It is better to learn rather than “unlearn” to “relearn”.

Stubborn in nature, this little dog can easily become distracted, especially if the educational methods are not suitable for him.

pomskyp puppy

All about the health of Pomsky
Strengths and weaknesses of Pomsky
A worthy descendant of the Husky, its miniature version is just as robust as it is. Indeed, despite its small size and fragile appearance, the Pomsky can withstand bad weather without problems.

However, don’t make him sleep outside either …

Life expectancy
Like all crossbreeds, life expectancy is generally quite long. She could go here up to 15 years old.

Mandatory vaccines and dewormer
There is no mandatory vaccine for this breed. However, we can advise to have your dog vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough, which will be necessary to be able to make canine encounters essential for the well being of the dog.

The rabies vaccine will only be mandatory if you are going abroad.

We recommend deworming the dog regularly for up to a year. And thereafter twice a year.

Medical predisposition
Since the breed is still very recent, we have little perspective on the frequent diseases and possible pathologies to watch out for in this breed.

Indeed, when new breeds are created, it takes time before discovering the possible problems that the crossing generates.

Recommended nutrition for Pomsky
Rather rustic, like its parents, the Pomsky can benefit from a traditional diet, based exclusively on raw meat (BARF) but also home cooked meals, based here on meat (raw or lightly cooked), fish, vegetables , starchy foods, etc.

But beware, for this kind of diet, it is strongly advised to have the menus validated by a veterinarian.

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