puppy toilet training

You firmly say ‘NO’ and take the puppy outside to show him that here is the place to go to the bathroom. The puppy wags his tail, bounces around a bit, and maybe even piddles a little outside. So you praise him and think, this isn’t so hard.

Back into the house you go with the puppy, and ten minutes later he piddles in the house again. This goes on for weeks. No matter how many times you correct him, the puppy just doesn’t seem to get it. You’re almost on the verge of giving your new pet away.

Don’t do it just yet. The trick is to adjust yourself to the dog’s behavior, not the other way around. There are a few things you can do to successfully housebreak the new puppy.

The first thing you should do is train the puppy to go on newspaper. Put him in a small room or barricade a small section of a large room. Spread newspaper over the entire floor area. The puppy will have no choice but to do his business on the paper.

In the next three weeks or so, gradually reduce the covered area. When he’s consistently going on the paper, you can try him in a larger room. If he makes a mistake, go back to square one. Above all, don’t get discouraged and don’t hit him. He is trying to please you. He just doesn’t understand—but he will. Have patience.

Now that the puppy is faithfully doing his business on the paper, it’s time to move him outside. This is going to require discipline and consistency on your part. Take the puppy outside and put a piece of newspaper in the place you would like him to urinate. Wait until he uses the paper or the ground; then praise him. Do this every day, morning and night.

After a couple of weeks, stop putting the paper outside. You will still have to keep newspaper on the floor in the house for awhile; but if you’re diligent about taking the puppy outside often, you’ll soon be rewarded with a well-trained companion.

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