Top 5 Tips for Kitty Care

If you plan to take care of kittens, then you better do it right. You must ensure the safety of the kittens. If you are not really sure how to do this, then here are some tips to kitty care.

The first tip is to consider adopting kittens from a local animal shelter. There are lots of felines that you can adopt from local animal shelter. Some of them were left by their owners, some of them were stray. Whatever the reason is, its best to adopt kittens from animal shelters rather than buying one from pet stores.

Tips for Kitty Care

The next tip is to feed your kittens with high-quality nutrition. Any living being needs proper nutrition. Kittens are no exception to that. You can search for nutritious and safe cat foods from pet stores or simply feed your cats with raw meat from fishes. Raw meat is the best choice for feeds for your kitten because it is their natural food.

The next tip is to prepare your home for the kitten. Make sure you have all the things the kitten needs such as its own bed, litter box, collar, feeding bowls and scratch posts. Safe toys for kittens are also good.

The next tip is to cat-proof your home. Cats naturally love exploring, so make sure that anywhere they go is safe. Plants toxic to kittens should be out of their reach. You should also hide medicines, strings and cleaning materials because they might play with it. Running water also excites them, so make sure to close bathroom doors.

The next tip is to introduce the kitten to your family slowly. The kitten might seem frightened at first, so the best thing you can do for now is to leave them in one place so that they would be familiarized to it before letting them out with your family members.

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