Treat the whole house against fleas

At the same time, you will have to wash – at the highest possible temperature – all the fabric objects with which your animal may have been in contact. And vacuum up every nook and cranny – especially even under furniture – to remove all the eggs and all the larvae . Then, get rid of the bag – or thoroughly clean a bagless vacuum – to avoid a new invasion. There are also insecticide sprays and diffusers – of the smoke type – but they must be used with caution. And in any case, the operation will have to be repeated 15 days later to ensure its effectiveness.

Coping With a Flea Infestation

Be aware, however, that chemistry is not essential for getting rid of fleas. Some natural solutions can be implemented. Thus, you can start by dusting your furniture and carpet bicarbonate of soda before scrubbing with a stiff brush and move the vacuum throughout the house. Then, you can spray on your fabrics and other furnishings, a mixture of water and boiled lemon that has previously rested overnight.

You can also spread a powder based on rosemary , absinthe, fennel and peppermint on the infested areas . Or use essential oils : tea tree , lavender and cloves, for example. Be careful however to avoid their use on animals. And finally, if you have pots of mint , chrysanthemums or lavender all around your house , you should be able to prevent the risk of infestation.

source: how to get rid of fleas

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