Vaccine Your Newborn And Prevent Baby Illness

Most new parents are happy and scared at the same time before expecting a new born in the house. It’s great feeling to hold your new born in your arms however, its scary for first time parents knowing that the infants would be totally depending on you to take care of them for from feeding to changing diapers needs. New born are sensitive and are prone to diseases as their body system is not very strong to fight diseases. To avoid the complication in new born babies parents have to give vaccination to their babies on mentioned dates by doctors.

According to U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention parents of new born babies have to carefully study the baby vaccination schedule and remember to bring their babies on a respective date without a miss. Vaccination is not only important to prevent baby illness however, it also protect your community through multiplication of infectious diseases.

Vaccine Your Newborn

Doctors suggest that a baby is entitled to complete 24 vaccines by the age of two. If a parent follows the baby vaccination schedule then they can avoid baby illness like- Diptheria, Tetanus and whooping cough, Polio, Hepatitis A and B, Influenze type B, Measles, mumps, and Pneumonia. A disease does not stay to one person the virus present in disease is infectious and will affect people around the new born. By receiving a prescribed vaccination you are not only protecting your new born but also people around.

baby vaccination schedule

By following the baby vaccination schedule you are preventing a disease outbreak. By vaccinating your new born you help the country to save $8.50. The saving is associated with death loss and disability affecting the babies. Apart from vaccination a new born needs essential baby vitamins to build a stronger immune system. When you breast feeding your baby they do not need vitamins, because babies inherit these essential vitamins through breast milks. However, once your baby quits breast feeding then you may want to consider giving a baby vitamin supplements.

As baby start to eat solid they might eat few bites of essential vegetables and fruits then spit out the food, in these circumstances baby fails to acquire the essential vitamins. If your baby is fussy eater then you can give liquid baby vitamins specially designed for babies.

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