Water Safety for Goldfish

The ideal way to introduce your new goldfish to its tank is to let the water sit in the new tank for 24 hours prior to entering the fish. This doesn’t always happen but it is the safest route to take for the fish.

When this happens, it gives the chemicals in the water a chance to simmer down and dilute out. Chlorine and similar chemicals will dilute out in that 24 hours making it much safer for the fish.

How long do goldfish live . When changing the water of your aquarium, do not remove the fish Rather than draining and cleaning the aquarium water, partial water changes while the fish are in the aquarium are a less stressful way for your fish. ( Source: https://pawbeak.com/how-long-do-the-goldfish-live/ )



What Do I Need for the Water?

If you live in a country habitat where water comes straight from the ground, the water is safe for the fish in original form. If you are on city or tap water status like most of us, your going to want to use a water conditioner. You can either use the sitting water method I just explained or water conditioner. Goldfish are pretty hardy to these factors but other aquarium fish are not.


Water Temperature of Your Tank

Goldfish can live in a pretty large variety of water temperatures. Their bodies adapt to the water temps around them. For inside of a fish tank though, your going to want around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nobody likes the cold and neither does a tropical fish. If you need to obtain that using a tank heater, then buy one.


Water Changes are Necessary

No matter what filter setup you have water changes are going to be necessary. The more water changes you do, the healthier the water is going to be for the fish. People lack to do this frequently and the water runs out of oxygen when this happens. Your fish does need good clean water and the water in the tank can only be filtered so much. Nitrate levels build up even though the human eye can’t visibly see it. Nitrate levels from decaying waste and food are what steal oxygen.


When doing water changes, you should only change 20-30% of the water. This way the fish is not introduced to entirely new water causing shock and too much change at once. Think of it as adding clean water to the water the fish is already use to. People commonly change out 90% of the water an it puts a lot of stress on the fish because all of its organs are running from the water.


Water Clarity is 1 Goldfish Killer

Take this stuff seriously and know that its the number one fish killer. It’s really not even that hard to understand. Yes, some if the water and filter options for huge aquariums are complicated but were talking about small tanks here and the life for your goldfish. It’s important to be educated on the pet you are caring for.

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