Why does my dog eat poop?

Common FAQ about why does my dog eat poop? Does your Maltese dog likes to eat feces, and you find this very unpleasant? Well, no need to feel bad about it as poop eating is a common problem found in hundreds and thousands of dogs located all across the globe.

Poop eating is also known as Coprophagia. This act is not incidental as well as accidental. It is habitual and also deliberate. In this behavior, dogs are known to eat non food items. The non food items may be things such as paper, plastic, curtain rings, rock, dirt, fecal matter of other animals and also of own. Some of the above mentioned items may be not digested and henceforth give way to bowel obstructions.

Why does my dog eat poop?

Are you really concerned about why does my dog eat poop or feces? Well, here is a list of possible answers to your question – why does my dog eat poop?

The first obvious reason may be that your Maltee dog is hungry. If your dog does not have access to proper food, he may develop the habit of eating poop.

Another possible answer to question – why does my dog eat poop is that the dog may be a subject to worms and parasites, which may be absorbing all the nutrients from the dog’s body and compelling him to eat poop.

The dog may be eating poop as a measure to get the minerals and nutrients lacking in the food items served to him.

Some dogs eat poop or faces in order to clean up the area like a housekeeper. This is the most probable answer to the question – why does my dog eat poop if the dog has been kept in a kernel or crate, and he eats poop to keep the space clean.

Sometimes dogs are known to eat poop when they are upset, anxious or nervous. Stress is the responsible factor which compels dogs to indulge in odd things.

Some dogs may consume their poop in order to remove the evidence. If you have the habit of scolding and punishing your dog for pooping, he would eat the poop to prevent you from getting angry and punishing you.

Some Maltese dogs may just like eating poop because of its taste. As the poop is warm and moist, it may appear to the dogs as something that was served to them when they were young.

In certain situations, dogs may eat poop just to seek attention of their masters. Eating their poop may trigger anger and provide the dog owners with an exceptional opportunity to interact.

It is quite probable that your dog wants to eat more frequently in a day than what is provided to him.

In certain situations, dogs may eat poop just by an accident. Dogs are curious animals and they do not hesitate to taste almost anything that comes in their way.

How to stop the dog from eating poop?

It is always a good decision to consult a veterinarian to assure that there are no medical reasons behind the action. Here are some ways to stop your eating poop if it is caused due to behavioral problem:

Start serving your dog a premium diet that comprises of necessary minerals and nutrients.

Add something non tasteful on fecal matter such as dishwashing liquid or sauce as a measure to discourage the Coprophagia behavior.

Clean the poop as soon as the dog extracts it so that the dog does not get a chance to eat the poop.

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