Why there are Foods to avoid when pregnant?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she now has to worry about her health and the health of her unborn child. There are a lot of things to think about what is and what isn’t safe during pregnancy. One thing that a pregnant woman may think about is what foods to avoid when pregnant. This article will help you identify which foods to avoid when pregnant.

The first foods well rather drink and the most important of the foods to avoid when pregnant are foods that contain alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Consumption of alcohol can cause a child to be born with a disorder known as fetal alcohol syndrome.  Not even a small of amount of alcohol is considered safe, because it is known how much alcohol causes a child to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

If you have found out that you were pregnant recently and have been consuming alcohol unbeknownst to being pregnant, be sure to let your physician know, and stop consuming alcohol.

Next on the list of foods to avoid when pregnant are deli meats

Deli meats are known to be contaminated with listeria. Listeria can cause a woman to miscarry her unborn child. Listeria can cause blood poisoning in the unborn child, as it crosses the placental wall very easily. Listeria can be destroyed in deli meats only upon cooking the deli meat until the point where steam is arising from the meat.  Raw and rare cooked meat/poultry also are very dangerous to a mother and her unborn her baby during pregnancy. Uncooked seafood such as shrimp is another one of the foods to avoid when pregnant.

The aforementioned foods all can be contaminated with listeria, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis. These foods too can cause fetal death or blood poisoning within mother and unborn baby. Seafood that has been smoked also poses the threat of listeria unless it is part of a dish that has been thoroughly cooked so that the listeria is destroyed. Fish that has high mercury content is another one of the foods to avoid when pregnant. Brain damage and developmental delay in a child has been correlated to a mother consuming fish with high mercury content during her pregnancy. Fish that is known to have high mercury content is shark, mackerel, and tilefish. Tuna which has a slightly lower level of mercury should be ate in small amounts, as the mercury content can build up in the blood causing damage to the unborn child. Some sushi has been known to have fish that has high mercury content as well so that is best avoided.

Certain dairy based products are also some foods to avoid when pregnant

These dairy products include unpasteurized milk, raw eggs, and imported soft cheeses (those with unpasteurized milk). These products can contain listeria, as well as salmonella. Listeria and salmonella can cause blood poisoning in the unborn fetus, which can cause neonatal death. Imported cheeses that pose a listeria threat include brie, feta, and queso blanco to name a few, unless it states that it is pasteurized. Be sure to check the ingredients of certain foods for these products, to keep you and your unborn safe.

As you can see from above there are several foods to avoid when pregnant, and if not avoided they can have devastating effects on you and your unborn child. It is important that you keep an eye out for these foods, and read packaging carefully as to avoid these foods, and keep you and your unborn child safe.  Be sure to ask your primary care provider any questions that you may have.

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